How to make the Caipirinha


The Caipirinha is very similar to the traditional daiquiri, but features a special rum made in Brazil called Cachaça. Most rums that you are familiar with are made from Molasses a byproduct of manufacturing sugar. However, Cachaça is distilled from the raw juice from sugar cane giving it a more natural grassy flavor to it.



The Caipirinha has a deep rooted history in the culture of Brazil, and is still the most popular drink in the country. It is difficult to identify when or who created the first Caipirinha, but like many other cocktails it was originally used to fight ailments. It is believed that this cocktail became popular to help people fight the Spanish Flu. 

Throughout most of its history it did not make its way into the U.S. outside of a few Brazilian steak houses and Tiki bars. It was however a favorite cocktail of Anthony Bourdain who featured his love for the cocktail on his TV show when he traveled to Brazil. This helped create global popularity for not only the cocktail but also for its key ingredient Cachaça.

Notes on Preparation:

This recipe does call for quartering a full lime. However, if you lime in large it would be best to add 3/4 of the lime to this drink. Once you have sliced your limes you will place them skin side down into the glass before muddling. This will allow you to extract the juice when you muddle, but not damaging the skin on the lime making the drink too bitter. 

The traditional recipe calls for granulated white sugar. I like to experiment with both white sugar and Demerara sugar. 

There are two traditional ways to make the drink. One version is to aggressively stir the cocktail for 15 seconds before topping the drink off with ice. Another method is give it a quick 5 second shake. Stirring will not fully dissolve the sugar making the drink sweeter as you drink it. Shaking will allow the sugar to dissolve and create a more balanced cocktail from start to finish. So go with the versions you like best! 



  • 2oz (60ml) Cachaça
  • 1 Tablespoon Sugar
  • 1 Lime quartered and depithed


  • No garnish needed, but an extra lime slice can be added.



  1.  Add quartered limes to rocks glass skin side down.
  2.  Add 1 Tablespoon of sugar over the limes. 
  3.  Muddle limes and sugar together in glass.
  4.  Add Cachaça to your glass.
  5.  Add ice to halfway fill your glass and stir for 15 seconds or shake for 5 seconds. (crushed ice preferred)
  6.  Fill your glass the rest of the way with ice.
  7.  No garnish needed but add lime wedge if you like. 


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